Top 10 AI Crypto Coins

In the last crypto bull run, the Metaverse was a trending narrative that saw many related coins go to the moon. This coming bull run has a top 5 of stories, where as we have seen with the popularity of ChatGPT, AI could be a dominating trend.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) cryptocurrency is a realm where we see the combination of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. They are digital currency that uses AI technology in various operations like translation, validation, enhancing security measures, smart contract execution etc. With the integration of AI, it improves the efficiency, scalability, and overall performance of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. AI crypto basically refers to different projects that are made due to the intersection of AI  and Blockchain technology.

Here users spend AI tokens to use the respective platform in order to use its unique service. If you want to invest in these tokens then in this guide we have summarized the top 10 AI crypto coins and the services they provide. 

1- Bittensor (TAO)

Market Cap: $1,518,872,811

Bittensor is somehow similar to Bitcoin because it also offers censorship resistant access to decentralized networks. The difference is that the decentralized network consists of machine learning models and an open artificial intelligence ecosystem where participants are directly rewarded for their inputs of computational resources.

By creating a peer-to-peer market bittensor has revolutionized machine learning platforms. This decentralized system allows creation of an unimaginable knowledge of artificial intelligence incentivizing collaboration. 

In this marketplace, machine language has become a tradable commodity. The currency or token of this commodity is TAO. It holds the essence of the bittensor ecosystem and represents the knowledge embodied in it. Furthermore, it signifies the contribution and quality of developments made in this platform.

2. Injective (INJ)

Market Cap: $1,502,242,119

If you want to trade different assets in a decentralized manner then Injective will suit you well as it is a robust decentralized finances (DeFi) system. It is in fact reshaping the financial aid system with dApps that are greatly decentralized.

It charges a low fee and provides high throughput thanks to its unique layer-2 protocol. With the help of cross -chain bridges, it allows traders to access different cryptocurrencies from different platforms like Polkadot and Ethereum

Its native token is INJ, and it is the fastest block chain that has been made for plug-and-play Web3 modules and finance.

Injective is free from the AMM formula, an automated marker that many decentralized exchanges use. It uses an order book model that is actually used in centralized stocks and crypto exchanges. By doing so, it has created an intersection between the traditional finance system and transparency of decentralized exchanges.

3- Graph (GRT)

Market Cap: $1,325,666,499

The Graph is another open and decentralized protocol that gathers data independently with help of distributed ledger technology and all without any intervention from intermediaries. It is a global Application Programming Interface that organizes data more efficiently by utilizing GraphQL language. GraphQL makes processing and accessing data easier by organizing them in subgroups.

With the help of Graph, data is indexed from block chains just like how Google indexes data. Furthermore, the subgraph descriptions contain information about smart contracts of interests, the events within the contracts that need attention and how to map the event itself.

Due to the presence of various smart contracts that hold data, indexing data from Blockchain can be difficult which can further create hurdles for DApps. But subgraphs make things easier by serving as open APIs. The token of The Graph is GRT that is utilized in allocating data that can be stored in Ethereum (ETH).

4- Render (RNDR)

Market Cap: $1,264,463,166

Aiding in the field of VFX rendering, and animation especially in the metaverse, this Ethereum blockchain based system is a network of distributed GPUs. Its native token is (RNDR), whereas there are two primary roles in this protocol, i.e, Creators and Node operators.

Through this network, node operators rent out their spare GPU processing power and creators on the other hand make use of it to create high-quality visually captivating content all at immense speed but lower cost. Node operators on the other hand receive RNDR tokens as per the time spent in utilizing their GPU..

In common words, Render had significantly simplified the rendering and streaming visual graphics. And this ability makes it an important part of the future of metaverse.

6- Fetch. ai (FET)

Market Cap: $546,460,720

Fetch.AI is run by utilizing a decentralized Multi-Agent System (MAS). MAS is actually a group of agents that work together in order to achieve specific goals.  It is a robust system where no single flaw can affect the system.

You can take Fetch.AI as an AI lab where a decentralized machine learning network is created by help of the crypto economy. However, its main aim is to make AI technology available for anyone whether an individual or an enterprise. This way they will be able to get hold of secure data sets.

5- Oasis Network (ROSE)

Market Cap: $571,966,293

The lack of privacy on blockchain is arguably one of the bigger hurdles for the technology’s adoption. 

We all know that there is a big gap in Blockchain if we consider its privacy level which has created many hurdles in the adoption of technology.

Luckily, Oasis Network has filled this gap with its three main features that are privacy, versatility, and scalability. You can consider it as a combination of Polkadot and Ethereum but with added built-in privacy. With its privacy feature, one can unlock different new uses of tokenized data and DeFi apps.

The native token for Oasis network is ROSE. This network is built from the ground up and with throughput gains of up to 1,000 TPS, while preserving their confidentiality.

8- SingularityNet (AGIX)

Market Cap: $375,811,735

The first of its kind, SingularityNet is built on Cardano blockchain that helps to build and monetise AI services. Users can purchase different AI services within its marketplace by using its native coin AGIX.

One of the most demanding Ai-coins, it helps facilitate transactions with the help of decentralized and open source Blockchain technology.

It also serves as a dynamic marketplace for tools, data and models that will help in the advancement of AI. Its main aim is to create artificial general intelligence.

7- Akash Network (AKT)

Market Cap: $362,411,579

Akash network is basically an open source SuperCloud where you can securely buy and sell computer resources. By using this network you can create your own cloud infrastructure and even sell or purchase unutilized resources within the particular cloud.

By taking help from technologies like Cosmos and Kubernetes, it is a free public service where source code is available to everyone.

FET is the native token of Fetch.AI that can be used to create the train digital twins. Here developers can also access utilities based on machine learning to apply collective intelligence within the network.

9- Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Market Cap: $271,706,859

Ocean is built on the Ethereum blockchain, provides an open-source network where individuals and businesses can monetize data and related services. The token OCEAN is traded in order to trade data sets. 

The main aim of Ocean protocol is to make data available for everyone without it leaving the hands of its developer. Those who have unutilized resources can trade them to those who can’t have it in return for OCEAN.

Furthermore, it enables different parties to connect each other under marketplaces where data tokens are available to trade publicly.

10- OriginTrail (TRAC)

Market Cap: $222,403,536

The main aim of OriginTrail is to make the flow of information easier for the supply chain industry. With the help of blockchain technology, it wants to make this flow secure, cheaper and faster as well.

It is successful in providing a network or protocol that helps retain the trust among all parties. It actually makes supply chain a ‘chain’ where anyone whether it is a consumer or a business can get information about the product by just scanning a code or using some application interface where product’s information has to be entered. 

By doing so, they will have complete information about the products. In essence, OriginChain has created a transparency, and trust within supply chain management system where everybody knows what they are getting.

Low Market Cap AI Crypto Coins


Market Cap: $92 Million

PAAL AI is a robust ecosystem which utilizes the power of AI and ML technologies where users can personalize AI and deploy it across different platforms.

  1. Cortex (CTXC)

Market Cap: $73 Million

Cortex is a decentralized platform that is based on Ethereum. It’s an open source platform that allows the creation of AI models that are further uploaded over distributed networks.

  1. ChainGPT (CGPT)

Market Cap: $42 Million

ChainGPT is also an AI model that is designed specially  for crypto and block chain technology. It aims to resolve the challenges faced in crypto space and block chain technology by utilizing the high speed computing abilities and latest algorithms.

  1. VAIOT (VAI)

Market Cap: $37 Million

VAIOT infuses the technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain and creates intelligent Virtual Assistants that are very business oriented. They can help both businesses and consumers by providing a digital channel for trading products and making transactions.

  1. Zignaly (ZIG)

Market Cap: $20 Million

Zignaly is a cryptocurrency social currency trading platform where users can easily copy trading strategies of different investors. It wants to make the knowledge of investing cryptocurrency  available for everybody.

Bottom Line

The intersection of AI and Cryptocurrency has made it easier To tackle many issues and challenges in Blockchain technology, these Ai coins are different from each other where each has its unique set of features. They aim to solve the problems of the digital world and therefore hold a very critical place in the future of block chain.

In the above guide, we have compiled a list of top 10 AI cryptocurrencies but make sure you do a research on your own too before making any investment.

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