Asset Protection Through Cryptocurrencies

Coinvance is your Digital Investment Expert that offers insured crypto storage and Asset Protection through cryptocurrencies with full privacy. We store all crypto assets offline in fully insured cold storage. Your keys will only come out short periods of time during transfers and transactions.

You also maintain legal ownership of your crypto and portfolio. While we do hold your keys, only you will control the security phrases to your crypto. This means that legally, we cannot take over the control of your assets that will be protected even against our bankruptcy.

We know that investors look for value, which is why we say: Crypto, not EFT. This is because cryptocurrencies are much more than just Bitcoin and the gains beyond BTC are much greater. Also holding crypto directly is more powerful in terms of liquidity and Asset Protection. You can transfer it whenever you want to anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

We also know that privacy is important when it comes to your assets. Therefore, as a private crypto investment firm and custodian, we also provide crypto management and cold storage with full privacy. Your assets will grow in private, while our management will provide full asset protection.

We do this through a Wyoming LLC, which has the strongest privacy protection in the United States. Even with the new Corporate Transparency Act, it will take a court order to breach your privacy.

Security & Privacy

We provide fully insured cold storage of your crypto & asset protection through our Wyoming LLC, where you get 100% anonymity.

Legal Ownership

We store your crypto, but you maintain 100% legal ownership of your portfolio. We hold your keys, but you control your security phrases.

Easy Transfers

We will transfer your crypto fast and easy to any wallet or exchange to you wish to use at any time. You control your crypto.

Multi Currency Accounts

Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and hundreds of cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. Consult with us to find out which currencies are hot.

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