Market Capitalization in Cryptocurrency

Imagine a marketplace filled up with different businesses. Businesses of all kinds.  Some might be bigger, some still in progress. They all have their own influential presence and the market here is the crypto market. All the entrepreneurs are thriving to get attention. How can we measure the size and growth rate of every business in this financial hub? The answer to this is one of the major concepts  of the crypto market that is “Market capitalization (Market Cap)”. 

Market capitalization also known as market cap is the standard unit that measures the size and worth of a business in the market. It serves as a powerful tool for investors, providing an overview of a cryptocurrency’s size, influence, and potential for growth. In the case of cryptocurrency, the market cap defines how good of business a coin can make in the near future. The calculation for this is the current price multiplied by the circulating supply. This may sound like a simple thing, but it is a major factor behind all the investment decisions. A market cap can make or break any deal. 

What is market capitalization in cryptocurrency? 

Market capitalization (Market Cap) is the measure of the dominance and growth of a cryptocurrency. 

It determines how strong enough a coin is to be invested in. But this is not just all. There are other important factors too, that reflect upon a currency’s market value. Following are the main advantages of market cap:

  • It keeps a track of the growth and market value of a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies with larger market caps tend to get more attention by bigger institutions and individuals.  
  • This metric can affect the overall value of a business or cryptocurrency. It determines the popularity of any currency. Cryptocurrencies experiencing a decrease in market capitalization may lead to either buybacks or short-term investments.These are less volatile and are extremely risky. 
  • Currencies with higher market cap are considered to be more valuable. It also adds up to the portfolios of different individuals. Currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoins are said to be more reliable and stable for bigger investments. 

How to calculate market capitalization?

It is not the only factor for trading, but it is one of the major ones that can truly determine if the investment is worth it or not. This is how you calculate the market Capitalization: 

Market Cap = Price X  Circulating supply

For example there’s  a cryptocurrency called “AB” Each AB is currently worth $5, and there are 2 million AB’s circulating.

Market Cap = $5 ×  2,000,000 = $10,000,000

So, the market capitalization of AB is $10 million. This means if you were to buy all the AB’s in circulation at the current price, it would cost $10 million. Market cap helps estimate the overall value of a cryptocurrency in the market.

For a cryptocurrency, we usually calculate it with the total number of coins mined multiplied by the price of one single coin of a specific cryptocurrency. It is done to find out how big a cryptocurrency is to make it easier for the traders to make smart decisions while making big investments. 

What is the total market cap? 

Total Market cap, represents the overall value of a cryptocurrency and is determined by multiplying the price of a single coin by the total number of coins that will ever exist.

Some currencies are limited with their supplies like Bitcoin and some others. Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins which means not more than this amount can ever be mined. Other coins have higher supply. Coins with larger total supply are usually low cost. While trading one should only rely on market capitalization of a coin rather than its price in the market.

How is market cap important? 

Market cap is an important metric in crypto trading as it shows the net worth of a currency. Investors use it to track the information and data related to each coin. Market cap and other factors like market trends and market sentiments and liquidity altogether are major factors that affect currencies and trading. Market cap is important as it determines the growth potential of a coin. Investors can rely on it to calculate the stability of a crypto they’re investing in. For instance, 

If Cryptocurrency A has 400,000 coins in circulation, each valued at $1, its market capitalization is $400,000.

If Cryptocurrency B has 100,000 coins in circulation, with each coin valued at $2, its market capitalization is $200,000.

Despite Cryptocurrency B having a higher individual coin price than Cryptocurrency A, the overall value of Cryptocurrency A is twice that of Cryptocurrency B.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the market capitalization of many cryptocurrencies can experience significant swings due to their inherent volatility.

Categorization of market caps

Market cap of cryptocurrency is categorized in three types which are mainly large-cap mid-cap and small-cap groups based on their market value. 

  • Large-cap groups include the cryptocurrencies that are in the top 15 by market cap. They have a market Capitalization of around $5 Billion or even more. Bitcoin and Ethereum are large cap currencies. These are less volatile and have a high liquidity compared to small and mid-cap groups. 
  • Mid-cap are the groups that are under top 50. They range from top 15 to 50 market cap cryptocurrencies and have a market cap of around $1 Billion- $5 Billion. Examples of mid-cap coins are litecoin and algorand. They are potential coins but are risky and more volatile.  
  • Small-cap cryptocurrencies are the ones with less popularity. These might be better in potential than the large-cap currencies but are very risky as they lack record. Their market cap is less than $500 million. 

An overview of market capitalization 

When we take market capitalization as an important factor, it does involve other major factors too, but there are several reasons to just rely on market cap in the first place to get a clear overview of a cryptocurrency. Following are the reasons why market cap is an important metric: 

Representative of a coin’s growth

Market cap is the easiest way to track down a coin within no time to know how big of a coin a currency has. It measures its popularity and size with an estimated figure of its growth. Large market caps attract a lot of investors and traders as it is considered risk free and has more adoption. 

Comparison and analysis

Traders usually use market cap for comparing the sizes of various coins. It helps them track down information about the specific coin and investors are able to predict how a coin would do in future. 

High Liquidity and trading volumes

The coins with high market caps are generally higher in liquidity and trading volume. This helps investors to avail important opportunities without any risk. Predictions with such coins are mostly correct, which is why it benefits the traders somehow. Market cap can actually boost up the trader’s confidence. Currencies with growing market cap are under the investors eye. He would always take the opportunity with a rising market cap of a currency and would never risk a declining market cap. 

Larger market cap can be a reputation as well

Individuals include cryptocurrency in their portfolios. Currencies with larger market cap show stability and established perception about an investor. For example Bitcoin and Ethereum are often seen as reliable investment opportunities. 

Media perception

Market cap and cryptocurrency fluctuation are often reported in the media. Growing market cap or large market cap attracts more investors as it gets more attention. 

Critical aspects of market capitalization 

Market capitalization comes with various aspects which need to be extracted fully to get the overview of a growing cryptocurrency.  

  • First of all, what matters the most is its dynamics. Not only is cryptocurrency dynamic in nature, so is its market cap. Market cap is not a fixed or stable figure. It fluctuates. The fluctuation is like the stock exchange on the buying and selling of shares. Investors need to be fully informed about these dynamics as they change in real time. 
  • Investors often use market capitalization to compare different types of digital currencies. Each type of cryptocurrency has its own market cap features. For instance, digital currencies in the technology and healthcare sectors often have more mid-cap and small-cap options, reflecting their innovation and growth potential. On the other hand, sectors like utilities or consumer goods in the crypto world may be led by large-cap cryptocurrencies known for their stability and consistent performance.
  • It’s like checking how big a crypto is in the digital currency market. Just like in stocks, different crypto investors, whether they’re looking for affordable options or those with high growth potential, use market cap to decide which cryptocurrencies to invest in. Knowing the market cap helps crypto investors choose coins that fit their financial goals in the digital currency space.


Market capitalization is an important measure for cryptocurrencies. It helps investors quickly understand how big a coin is, how popular it is, and its potential for growth. What’s important here is that the market cap has limits. It gives a snapshot, not a complete picture of a cryptocurrency’s real value. As the cryptocurrency market grows up, market cap will stay important, but using it wisely with a careful look at the basics will be helpful yet important for making smart decisions in this always-changing financial world.

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