How to Buy Crypto with a Crypto Wallet

If you are a part of the crypto world or planning to join it anytime sooner then you must know the role of the crypto wallet in the crypto market. It works the same as your wallets work to carry or keep your money. Crypto Wallet is a digital asset or tool that helps you to secure, collect, protect, receive and share your crypto assets. With crypto wallet you can keep an eye on your assets and portfolio. It is a very secure tool for cryptocurrencies and you can also use applications like Uniswap to swap your assets. In order to enter cryptoworld, a crypto wallet is a key that is required to send and receive your tokens.

Every crypto wallet has an address that consists of a string of letters and numbers. It resembles a google IP address. Every wallet has a different address so it easily gets recognized and the activities you perform there are securely linked to your crypto wallet. 

You need to follow following easy steps to set up your crypto wallet

  • Choose the type of wallet that suits you.
  • Sign up for an account, buy the device or download the software needed.
  • Set up your security features, don’t forget a recovery phrase.
  • Buy cryptocurrency or transfer coins from another wallet or exchange.

When it comes to crypto wallet there are two different types of wallets we are going to discuss in this article

  • Hot wallet
  • Hardware wallet

Hot wallet is an online wallet. It is only accessible with internet connection. Hot wallet is a very convenient wallet that helps to collect tokens and for day to day easy transactions. 

A crypto hardware wallet is a physical device that securely stores private keys used to access and manage cryptocurrencies. It keeps these keys offline, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or hacking compared to online wallets.

Best Hot Wallets

There are the following different hot wallets.


A hot wallet provider that works with browser extensions and cellphones is MetaMask. Those who wish to conveniently keep cryptocurrency on their laptop or PC will find the metamask appealing. This makes it easier to access NFT marketplaces, exchanges, and dApps.

It only takes a few seconds to join because MetaMask is directly supported by the majority of cryptocurrency platforms. Tokens on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks are mostly stored using MetaMask. Having said that, it also supports Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. These networks need to be manually added to MetaMask, along with Binance Smart Chain.

Furthermore, MetaMask is not in favor of Bitcoin. However, MetaMask is also well-liked for its built-in staking capabilities. As a result, investors can stake and earn decent APY on Ethereum. Furthermore, it charges no fee for keeping and receiving crypto. Only GAS fee is charged that is the same as declared by Bitcoin.

Trust Wallet 

Trustwallet is among the greatest non-custodial wallets available not just in terms of costs and ease of use, but also in terms of features and supported networks. As an illustration, Trust Wallet has built-in staking capabilities that support a number of different cryptocurrencies. There are APYs of up to 84% available.

Additionally, Trust Wallet has an integrated token swap function. Because of this, users can switch tokens between different blockchains without ever leaving the wallet interface. Trust Wallet offers fee-free token swapping as well as staking. Additionally, hundreds of decentralized apps (dApps) are supported by Trust Wallet. This covers all of them, from Algorand and UniSwap to OpenSea and


It is the best option for those who are first time users and contains high level security features. Custodial hot wallets can be safe and practical, as Coinbase demonstrates. With their email address and password, users can access this web wallet. Users have to finish the two-factor authentication process before they may access their wallet. The user’s smartphone receives an SMS from this that needs to be typed.

Device whitelisting provides additional protection for the Coinbase web wallet. For instance, Coinbase will add an extra security measure if the user logs in using a new laptop. In addition, Coinbase is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange and a licensed wallet service. We also enjoy that users have the option to lock down withdrawal times.

This means that before the withdrawal is authorized, at least 24 hours must elapse. This is going to be appealing to Large balance investors who find this appealing because they can halt unauthorized payments within the grace period. The wallet has a direct feature connection to the Coinbase exchange. Users can now purchase and trade bitcoins straight from their wallets thanks to this. Additionally, Coinbase provides rewards for staking a variety of coins.

How to Set up a Hot Crypto Wallet

To keep your data entirely in your control in a hot crypto wallet you need to set up an account. The steps are

  • Pick a wallet app 

It can be both for phone or desktop

  • Create your account

It is an important step because here you will secure your account with a password.

  • Note down your recovery phrase

The app will generate a 12 or 24 word phrase that will be your recovery or seed phrase. In case you forget your password the system will ask you to insert this phrase to gain the access back. Save it to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Add crypto to your wallet

It will require additional verification but you can transfer funds from another wallet.

Best Hardware Wallets

As the crypto users are increasing with each day the secure and reliable storage solutions are crucially required. Hardware wallets are the best choice if you are looking for a safe wallet. 

Trezor Model T

Basically known for its security, the Trezor Model T has an easy-to-use interface and supports more than 8,000 cryptocurrency holdings. Though its compatibility with iOS is restricted, its noteworthy integrations with web 3.0 wallets and a color touchscreen add to its attractiveness.

The Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is the best device for all purposes since it has Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it possible to control more than 5,500 coins from a mobile device. It is a great option for a variety of users because of its secure element chip, compatibility for well-known blockchain networks, and affordable pricing of €149.

Safepal S1

Safepal S1 (Greatest for Trading): Supporting 32 blockchains and more than 5,000 tokens, Safepal S1 is backed by Binance and thrives in spot trading. Its interface with the Binance exchange expands its use, while its air-gapped signature technique improves security.

How to set up your hardware wallet

You need to follow following simple steps to set your hardware wallet

  • Get your hardware wallet

Purchase your wallet from an official website or an authorized distributor. To maintain the security and safety of your wallet go for a sealed and authentic package.

  • Download the software

Ledger and Trezor are the hardware wallets that require you to download specific software to manage cryptocurrencies. Download the correct version for your device from the official website. Choose your system wisely.

  • Connect the wallet

Use the provided USB and connect the wallet to your computer or mobile

  • Set up a pin

Make sure to use a strong pin for your wallet that you can easily remember to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Install the app

Install the app on your device to start using it.


Crypto world is growing very fast and introducing new trends everyday. Crypto is incomplete without the wallets and the experienced investors are very well aware of its significance. Keeping your assets safe and secure is mandatory and it is impossible without having a specific wallet. There are different kinds of crypto wallets available. We have discussed a few in the article. Go for the one that is the most suitable for you. Setting up the wallet is also an easy peasy task. Enjoy your crypto journey while keeping your crypto assets safe and protected.

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