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In this article we will go deeper into the best crypto to buy now, here at the end of 2023. The crypto market grows and changes rapidly, so the price and ranking of the mentioned cryptocurrencies may have changed over time.

Sometimes with the blink of an eye, the whole scenario changes into something unexpected. As we step into this month, the same pace continues to evolve while opening up a bundle of investments and opportunities. It has something for both the newbies and the traditional traders. Cryptocurrency is a dynamic space where the situation stays between stability and instability all the time. The risk factor is always there. You just can’t ignore the fact that crypto can surprise you anytime. But what’s crucial to know is the basic information that can lead to probabilities and near to accurate predictions. 

Cryptocurrency now has the required recognition and adoption in the mainstream which was unbelievable in the start. In order to stay informed about the changing situation of digital assets, here is a list curated for the “10 best crypto to buy this December”. This list takes a dig into the latest market trends and fundamental factors that affect these digital assets. Whether you’re seeking long-term investments or looking to capitalize on short-term opportunities, this guide will provide you with valuable insights into the most promising cryptocurrencies, offering a diverse range of options, from established giants to promising newcomers. So, wherever you are looking for, we have got everything covered ranging from the best long term opportunities to the capitalization of short term investments. 

Best cryptos to buy right now

These are five leading cryptocurrencies that may present promising investment opportunities in 2023.

● Ethereum (ETH)

● Solana (SOL)

● Chainlink (LINK)

● Arbitrum (ARB)

● Sui (SUI)

Ethereum (ETH)

  • All-time high: $4,891.70
  • Market cap: $215 billion
  • Price: $2225

The second largest cryptocurrency also known as the “King of smart contract ” which gained popularity by market capitalization is Ethereum (ETH). It is a network that helps users and developers to deploy what it’s well known for,the “smart contracts’ ‘ by making their own cryptocurrency. Ethereum has gained recognition globally and is behind bitcoin still,but has come a long way than the other companies. 

This blockchain platform offers powerful features such as decentralized applications, smart contracts, and tokenized assets. Ethereum also supports a wide range of programming languages, which makes it easier for developers to build applications on the platform.

This platform offers significant features like decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts and token Assets.  The good thing is that the platform supports a large number of programming languages making it easier to build applications and make required changes  by developers at any time. 

Etheruem has been growing steadily and smoothly since its launch in 2015. And the growth is still on the go. The major set apart for Ethereum was the launch of NFTs or Non-Fungible-tokens. These digital assets that are used to create and trade digital art, collectibles, and even real-world items. This resulted in a major rise in growth and increased its popularity. 

Solana (SOL)

  • All-time high: $260
  • Market cap: $8 Billion
  • Price: $96

Solana is a platform that caters smart contracts with an interesting architecture that helps a large number of transactions per second at a very low cost. It can process up to 50,000 transactions per second which is the reason it is one of the fastest blockchains available right now. It was It was created by former Qualcomm engineers and launched in 2020

Solana is a main hub of NFTs (Non-Fungible-tokens).  It is a platform that reduces the cost,  maintaining a high speed while making transactions for NFTs. The transaction fees are also low. It is basically a user-friendly platform that welcomes newcomers without any complications. 

Despite SOL’s significant depreciation in the 2022 bear market, Solana maintains a highly impressive position within the cryptocurrency industry. VanEck  has released a report that highlights Solana’s substantial long-term prospects and growth factors. Keeping all the risk factors behind , the price of SOL has the potential to surge to an impressive $3,211 by the year 2030.

Chainlink (LINK)

  • All-time high: $52.7
  • Market cap: $6.3 Billion
  • $14

Chainlink operates as a bridge connecting blockchain-powered smart contracts, which are self-executing agreements, to real-world data and assets. A network of oracles form this connection. Oracles are nodes responsible for collecting and verifying data like price information and weather data, ensuring the precision of data utilized by smart contracts. Security holds a central position in Chainlink’s priorities, as it allows multiple nodes to retrieve and authenticate data, reducing the factor of errors or tampering. 

This platform is utilized across various sectors, including decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance, gaming, and supply chain management, enabling smart contracts to carry out actions based on real-world events. 

Chainlink gets benefit from  a valuable collaboration with Google, where Google utilizes Chainlink’s protocol to link users to its cloud services. Despite its demonstrated importance and promotions from significant companies , Chain Link encounters the same market fluctuations as other cryptocurrencies. Chainlink endorses the capabilities of global blockchains, offering developers a wide range of options. These factors, among others, maintain Chainlink’s status as a prominent cryptocurrency in the market.

Arbitrum (ARB)

  • All-time high: $8.67
  • Market cap: $1.3 Billion
  • Price: $2

Arbitrum is a layer -2 scaling platform that is actually a solution for Ethereum high cost and low scalability. It is designed to enhance Ethereum’s efficiency by employing Optimistic Rollup Technology. This helps in making most of the transactions off-chain. After which, a summarized version of the data and transaction is submitted to Ethereum’s Network resulting in low transaction fees for applications. Before the ETH2.0 upgrade, its transaction capacity was just 14 transactions per second, whereas Arbitrum shows an impressive throughput exceeding 40,000 transactions per second

Right now, the network holds assets worth $5.83 billion in lockup. Arbitrum currently has over 132,000 daily active users, based on a 30-day average, a figure that only BNB and Ethereum can match among Layer 2 networks. Arbitrum has been consistently generating over $2 million in monthly revenue . These users have collectively spared $2.6 billion in Ethereum gas fees since the network’s launch

Arbitrum Nitro, an advancement of the Arbitrum protocol set to be launched  in early 2023, ensures visible improvements in performance and scalability. These improvements will further enhance Arbitrum’s appeal to DApp developers and users. With its robust foundation and increasing adoption, Arbitrum is yet to become a go to option for all the investors.


  • All-time high: $2.16
  • Market cap: $439 Million
  • Price: $0.81

Sui stands out as a leading decentralized Layer 1 blockchain that enhances the concept of asset ownership while delivering on point transaction speed at a low rate. As a Layer 1 blockchain, Sui serves as the base for validation and transaction systems, just like Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, what distinguishes it from other Layer 1 networks is its emphasis on instant transaction finality, reduced latency, and increased transaction speed.

In short, Sui aims to increase its scalability without compromising on security by using a combination of the native programming language Move, parallel processing of transactions, and delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.This way, Sui allows for fast, private, and secure digital asset ownership accessible to everyone.

The blockchain is developed by Mysten Labs, which is led by several former senior executives for Meta’s (previously Facebook) now-defunct digital wallet program, Novi. Mysten Labs raised a $300 million investment in a Series B funding round in September 2022 for the development of the blockchain. The company has the backing of popular venture capitalists, including Circle, Binance Labs, Lightspeed Venture Partners, a16z, and NCSoft. 

Mysten Labs, headed by former high-ranking executives of Meta’s (formerly Facebook) Novi digital wallet program, has created the Sui blockchain. In September 2022, Mysten Labs secured a significant $300 million in a Series B funding round to support the blockchain’s development. The company has gained support from renowned venture capitalists such as Circle, Binance Labs, Lightspeed Venture Partners, a16z, and NCSoft.

Sui may be an early-stage project, but it’s already quite popular, and its ecosystem is still growing. For example, its wallet browser extension has been downloaded over 1 million times. developers are building NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi, SocialFi projects like Cetus, Turbos, BaySwap, AnimeSwap, Wizard Land, Baby Apes, Final Stardust,  Cosmocadia, Read2N, Peeranha, and ComingChat, as well as oracles, launchpads, bridges, and domain names. This could lead to increased demand for Sui blockchain, making it one of the best crypto to invest in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, cryptocurrencies are now going to stay. When looking for the best crypto to buy now in 2023,  Ethereum, Solana, Chainlink, Arbitrum, SUI and others are the top priorities. What is actually best for you depends merely on what you expect from the project and what your needs are. It is important to do good research of your own before getting into the trading world. One thing you should always avoid is a short-cut. It’s not a one day game to get rich. It’s highly volatile and full of risks and needs consistency. You need to get your hand on a long term project to  get the most out of it. 

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