Get Solid Gains with Our 10X Return Fund!

Get access to our 10X Fund with solid gains from Bitcoin and a mix of blue chip large cap cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Chainlink etc. This low risk fund follows the crypto market cycle and has a high probability of delivering the promised returns. $199 per month plus 3% per year of gains only (not losses).

Don't miss out on the biggest investment opportunity in decades. Let us do the work and watch your crypto grow. You can let us store your crypto for you in our fully insured cold storage, or we can load your crypto onto a Trezor Safe 3 and send it to you.

Easy Deposits<br />
and Withdrawals

Easy Deposits
and Withdrawals

Fully Insured<br />
Cold Storage

Fully Insured
Cold Storage

Long and<br />
Short Storage

Long and
Short Storage

What We Do


We grow your crypto for you. We buy and store your crypto in fully insured cold storage. Become a crypto owner today!
What We Do

What You Are Getting

We take the hard work and risk out of buying cryptocurrencies for you. With our Starter Crypto Storage Plan you get the following:

Protection & Security

With our fully insured Trezor hardware wallet, you get 100% secure cold storage. The keys to your crypto will be stored offline in a safety deposit box.

Recurring Buys

Invest in crypto slowly over time by scheduling monthly buys with our monthly plan. This allows you to safely build your crypto portfolio over time.

Easy & Fast Transfers

We will transfer your crypto fast and easy to any wallet or exchange to you wish to use at any time. You control your crypto.

Multi Currency Accounts

Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and hundreds of cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. Consult with us to find out which currencies are hot.
Our Two Plans

Our Pricing

You can choose a monthly plan where we simply store your crypto, or keep topping up your investment with monthly recurring payments.


We will buy your crypto for you, grow and store it securely in cold storage for a flat monthly fee. Crypto investment is done separately.

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If you are not sure, or have questions, use the box below to set up a free consultation. We will explain the process and answer any questions that you may have.

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